Saturday, November 30, 2013

Rebelstar 2 - The Enemy Characters

Following on from my last post, here are some enemy character sketches for you, once again featuring the magnificent art of Get Fry.

Mentat Krx Haan
Arelian Governor of Earth

Krx Haan, the highly decorated veteran of the Fraylar wars and accomplished Mentat warrior, settled comfortably into his last job as governor of Earth. Most thought he would retire modestly with his greatest achievements behind him, but secretly he harboured great ambitions. He thought the ruling elite of the Arelian Empire were weak and complacent in the face of growing external threats. Most of all he despised humans. He loathed their emotional weaknesses and irrational loyalties, but also feared their potential to embarrass and humiliate the Arelian Empire. Their constant tendency to rebel would not be tolerated. Soon after his appointment as governor, Krx Haan devised a plan to solve the human problem once and for all.

Meklon warrior unit

The Meklon plan for earth required specialist combat units, and the Androbot was designed to be the main component of the Meklon army. It was deliberately modelled on the human form, which enabled it to use human weapons, equipment and vehicles. It was programmed with the mentality of a fearless warrior, with enough guile and cunning to match the best human fighters. However, it’s strength and endurance were superior to the average human which made it a formidable enemy on the battlefield. The only disadvantage was the immense cost of production, and the hi-tech Meklon factories producing Androbots were vulnerable to Rebel sabotage.

Meklon reconnaissance unit
The Meklon Tracker is a small airborne robot used for hunting and tracking rebel forces. It is sufficiently armed to represent a serious threat, and it is fast moving and difficult to capture. Fortunately its armour is weak and its anti-grav are vulnerable to high explosive munitions. Several upgrades and improvements of the Tracker unit were produced as the Rebels became more adept at destroying them. After capturing several reasonably intact specimens the Rebel scientists were able to reverse engineer the anti-grav technology and build flying suits and hover-tanks.

Meklon commander unit
Meklon bases and large spacecraft are often commanded by an AI unit. They exercise complete control of all Meklon combat units, and generally avoid direct combat. However, if needed they can put up a very serious fight, and it has been known for AI units to lead Meklon forces during attacks on Rebel bases. They are quite large and cumbersome, but virtually indestructible and very well armed. They do have some vulnerability to hacking attacks through the Meklon matrix core, which can disorient them on the battlefield. Meklon combat  units don’t fight effectively without the leadership of an AI unit, and Rebel scientists worked hard to develop various methods to neutralise them.


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