Friday, November 29, 2013

Rebelstar 2 - The Game that Never Was

I was digging through some of may old game concepts and came across a pitch for Rebelstar 2. This is not the sequel to the original Rebelstar game on the spectrum, but the working title for a proposed sequel to my 2005 GBA game also called Rebelstar. There is a game design document, a story and some interesting character descriptions, and I thought it would be interesting to share some of this, especially the fantastic art of Gez Fry. So here are the key Rebel characters for 'Rebelstar 2: The Meklon Conspiracy.'

Zolar Kropotkin
Rebel Leader

When Zolar was ten years old his family was exiled from the Eurozone after his father was accused of plotting to overthrow the state. He lived a wild life in Siberia, tormenting Zorn police and stealing from Fraylar traders, but always managing to avoid capture. Before long he grew restless and yearned to join a serious rebel force back in the Eurozone. He enlisted in at a small Rebel base and soon began to show his potential as a charismatic leader. His trainers and commanding officers anguished at his wildness, arrogance and disrespect for authority, but at the same time admired his determination and talent. Before long he would make his mark as an inspiring leader of the rebellion.

Skevious KatKlaw
Cyborg Leader

Scattered in the northern wastes a band of rebels discovered a unique method of resistance under the leadership of Skevious KatKlaw. They had captured Meklon mining bots and reverse engineered a significant amount of Meklon robotic technology. After Skevious was seriously wounded during a raid on a Meklon mine he volunteered to have his damaged limbs and organs replaced with prosthetics and implants based on Meklon technology. He was the first of the new cyborg warriors, enhanced in strength, endurance, hearing and sight. His scientists and engineers worked hard to build a small band of Cyborg rebels that would wreak havoc with Meklon mining operations. Zolar soon heard reports of their victories, and after contact was established Skevious KatKlaw and his cyborgs joined the Rebel Alliance under Zolar’s command.

Lysorla Elaatuk
Arelian-human hybrid

Long before Krx Haan became governor of Earth a secret Arelian project was quietly abandoned and all traces of its existence destroyed or covered up. At least, that’s what the Arelian scientists thought. The hybrid breeding program was designed to create a new ruling class for the human population of earth, but the high command thought the project was too risky. Indeed, some of the hybrids escaped and hid from their creators under the protection and leadership of the enigmatic Lysorla Elaatuk. Like all hybrids she was female, and blessed with the Arelian ability to develop psionic powers. Being half human she was sympathetic to the human cause, and eventually joined the Rebel Alliance.


  1. Cool the fifth in the series. Would love to see the made.
    Rebelstar Raiders
    Rebelstar II: Alien Enconter
    Rebelstar: Tactical Command
    Rebelstar 2: The Meklon Conspiracy

    I did find Rebelstar: Search For The Lon Gun but don't know if its part of the series

  2. I loved the GBA Rebelstar game - I'm surprised it didn't take off, as it had a lot of the character and story appeal of SRPG franchises like Super Robot Taisen and Fire Emblem, and at least as compelling a tactical engine.

    Pity "The Meklon Conspiracy" was never to be...

  3. I liked the GBA game but didn't learn of it's existance until at least a year or so after launch - I'm guessing the marketing wasn't 'all that'. It was pretty well received (78 score on Metacritic) I see.

    Rebelstar II: Alien (lololololol) Encounter was my favourite of the series by far. One mission, but soooo much replay value.

  4. Rebelstar tactical command on the gba was one of my most memorable and favourite games second only to pokemon. It's a shame no one else I knew heard of the title.

  5. Rebelstar 2: The Meklon Conspiracy needs to hit Kickstarter.With the hype from XCOM-1 (PC exclusive) now is a perfect time. If it were a Vita game then it would hit a modest goal because the fanbase of Rebelstar and Vita are passionate and niche, plus Vita has a good attach rate so it would sell okay.

  6. Oops, meant Xcom2.

  7. This concept art is awesome... it's a shame you never actually made the game! I'd drop playing Mobile Strike Online in a heartbeat if this game were suddenly released.


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