Saturday, January 4, 2014


Our creature production is improving. Felix has modelled a fantastic looking Goblin. It has the cruel demeanour of a creature looking for the thrill of a fight. It is the easiest creature to summon in the game, with a 90% casting chance. Goblins are the foot soldiers of Chaos, with a reasonably good attack rating, but somewhat poorer at defence and poor magic resistance. Still, you wouldn't want one of them getting close to your wizard without some protection.


  1. Looks like a suitably nasty little bugger...

    Happy new year to you and here's hoping 2014 is a good year for some Chaos!

  2. Ha ha, I always loved the goblin (and his similar friend the ogre). Trusty chaos casts and the backbone of any army. Great to have an update too.

    Happy New Year to all and I can't wait to get testing / playing Chaos this year!

  3. Great goblin, best model yet. I would still hope for more detailed models. And what I mean is in colour. Old chaos did it with few pixels. Still looks too sterile. I liked old zx spectrum scanlines so much :)

  4. This game cannot come soon enough but I will wait patiently...been playing this on/off since 1985! Still my #1 game of all time!

  5. Haven't frequented this blog for a few months but glad to see things are progressing rather nicely and the graphics looks absolutely superb. Can't wait to get my mits on the pre-release version to give it a play test!
    Both goblin and dwarf models look nice.

  6. absolutely love the art style. very happy you are keeping the monochrome effect in the models, makes the screen easy to gauge at a glance and in keeping with the retro flavour. most anticipated game of the year for me!

  7. I like the style and design. What a great game or story could be without goblins in it? :D Always reminds me on playing Elder Scrolls game serials.

    Keep it up, you're doing great work!

    Adam PS4jBreak


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